Stonewall Jackson Room

This is a cozy room located on the main level of the north wing featuring a full size four poster canopy bed, a pair of comfortable wing backs, and its own separate entrance. Two bathrooms are attached to the room. The first is smaller and more modern featuring a shower and the other is believed to be the first tiled bathroom in all of Martinsburg featuring very traditional subway tiled walls and ceiling, hexagon tiled floors, a pedestal sink, and a huge soaking tub.

Charles James Faulkner I, U.S. Ambassador to France under the James Buchanan administration, was brought back to the states when Lincoln took office due to the fact that he was a southerner of Martinsburg, VA. His allegiance to the union was requested, and upon his refusal he was placed in prison. After his release, he served as adjutant general to Stonewall Jackson writing military reports for him. Consequently, Jackson would have spent a fair amount of time in the house, and for that reason this room was so named.