Mural Room

The Mural Room, otherwise known as the Library an Adam Stephen room, features antique French panoramic wallpaper printed from multiple wood blocks produced by Jean Zuber et Cie in Rixheim (Alsace), France, dating to about 1834 as well as a large bookcase filled with many of the Faulkner’s law books dating to the turn of the century. Both the mural and the bookcase were added by Mae and Roderick Cheeseman sometime after 1958 when the property first passed from the Boyd/Faulkner family after 146 years of ownership. Our mural contains two of the five panels of the Scenes of North America, Bay of New York and Military Review at West Point. All five panels of this same mural are displayed in the Diplomatic Reception Room in the White House (see link below), and interestingly enough it was installed right around the same timeframe (1961) during Jacqueline Kennedy’s remodeling efforts.